Waka Sonnets

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A cycle of 25 “sonnets” composed of “waka”—for instance, two tanka and one dodoitsu; or four haiku and one mondo; or one sedoka, one bussokusekika and one mondo; and so on and so forth—around 5 “kidai”—in this case, the sea, tears/mist, cicadas, the moon, and dreams—with further subject matter drawn from a range of classic Japanese poets—Ono no Komachi, Izumi Shikibu, Buson, Issa, Hitomaru and others; and also a sheaf of original, standalone waka included at the end of the collection.

2 Waka Sonnets:

The Drowned Spearfisher

A Basket of Seasons

From “A Sheaf of Waka”:



A note on some novel approaches to meter used within the collection



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