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EidosThe form or pattern


Two satellites orbit each other,
their paths keeping gentle company
of the sky’s cloudy canopy.

One accepts.
One declines.



To ex hou That out of which


Nothing changes,
in that the change of change
remains unchanged.

And so Satellite One ages
In a day
What Satellite Two ages
In a year.



Hothen he kinesis From whence the motion


You know the way
the world shudders
before it fails?
It leaks its oceans
out like a sieve.
Glorious exacerbations
excitedly circle as clouds
around the tip of the dick.
The tip was plunged
into the clouds…

But it wasn’t anymore,
long gone the shuddering,
the shivering,—
after the oceans
took to clouds
and made residence
on the moon…



To hou henekaThat for the sake of which


I fly on the backs of quanta,
each quanta a wingéd sperma,
jetting through its life,
through a red storm,
through a constant anxiety,
through and through the crowd.

The quanta turn into light,
turn me into steam,
turn then up the cataracts,
turn up the pressure that
turns water from obsidian.

And when I am ejected,
I am like a rowboat in a hurricane,
sailing a-crest the sudden surge of waters,
a-crashing unthought-of
onto a suburban home,
unthought-of in my entelechy,
unthought-of in my life.

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