Belated Fourth of July post

The View from Indian Rock (Single page version)-page-001

I had to write a Fourth of July poem for my writing class. It started off as something small and then exploded. Since I don’t think a poem of this sort could get published elsewhere, I decided I would just publish it here. I realize it might have been more apropos to publish it before or on July 4th, but I just presented it in class this Wednesday—wherein I got to hear it recited, as intended, by four voices. Perhaps for next year’s 4th I’ll try to produce a decent audio recording of how it’s supposed to be read, with the different voices tightly overlapping in the begging, gradually separating out toward the middle, then overlapping with increasing rapidity as they approach the end, until all parties say the final line in unison.

(A PDF version: The View from Indian Rock on Fourth of July.)

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